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Air Niugini Baggage Policy



CallSign : NIUGINI

Founded : 1973

Key people : Sir Kostas George Constantinou OBE (Chairman) Bruce Alabaster (CEO)

Country : Asia Pacific

Office Address : ANG House, Jacksons Airport P.O. Box 7186 Boroko

City : Port Moresby

State :

Zip Code : 00000

Phone number : 180 3444 (Toll-Free)

Official Website :

Carry-on Baggage

The following are the hand baggage allowances:(domestic-and-international-fare-types)

Economy Class

One (1) cabin bag (1 piece), no more than 7 kilograms (15 lbs), with a maximum overall dimension of 50 x 30 x 20 cm (40 inches).

Business Class:

Two (2) cabin baggage, each no heavier than 14 kilograms (30 pounds) and no larger than 50 centimeters (30 inches) by 30 centimeters (20 inches) combined.

These apply to our entire network, both domestic and outside.

It is advised for passengers only to bring their carry-on luggage and any necessary valuables and medications.

Checked Baggage 

If your luggage's weight exceeds your ticket's allowance, additional costs will be assessed at the appropriate rates.

Air Niugini's checked baggage policy allows passengers to bring one piece of checked luggage on their flight, with weight and size restrictions varying based on the specific route and cabin class. The maximum weight allowance for checked baggage ranges from 23kg to 40kg, with excess baggage fees applied for any luggage exceeding the weight limit.

Passengers are advised to label their checked luggage with their name and contact information and to pack any valuable or fragile items in their carry-on luggage. The airline also recommends that passengers check their baggage allowance and any specific baggage regulations before their flight, as restrictions may vary based on the destination and other factors.

Prepaid Excess Baggage

For customers who believe their luggage will exceed the permitted checked baggage allowance, Air Niugini offers prepaid baggage. Purchases of prepaid baggage are made in increments of five kilograms, with a minimum of five kilograms and a maximum of forty-five kilograms (45kg) per person. Prepaid baggage is offered across the whole Air Niugini network and is subject to the following:

  1. Only flights operated by Air Niugini can use it.
  2. Must be purchased at the nearby sales office or online at least three hours (3hrs) before departure.
  3. Only excess luggage is applicable during check-in; prepaid baggage will not be available.
  4. No one piece of luggage may weigh more than 32 kg.
  5. When a flight takes off, and the corresponding flight coupon status changes to closed or flown, the prepaid baggage is no longer refundable and is considered used.
  6. Prepaid luggage cannot be transferred.
  7. There will be no reimbursement if there are residuals. Note: Once payment has been made, no refunds will be given. Therefore passengers must accurately estimate the total weight and pay the exact amount.



Air Niugini Baggage Policy FAQ's

30 kg per individual (2 pieces only), based on the industry.There will be a fee of INR 2000 per item at the airport. Additional excess luggage fees might be incurred.

Acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries, and equipment holding mercury are all corrosives. ammunition, including blank cartridges, pistols, pyrotechnics, and flares; explosives; and pistol caps.


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