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Air Mauritius Baggage Policy




Founded : 1967

Key people : MANRAJ Dharam Dev, G.O.S.K (Chairman) BUTON Indradev (Officer in Charge)

Country : Mauritius

Office Address : PO Box 441, President John Kennedy Street

City : Port Louis,

State : Port Louis District,

Zip Code : -

Phone number : +230 207 7070

Official Website :

Carry-on Baggage 

(Carry-on Baggage )

Economy class: 

One piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 7 kilos

Business class:

Two pieces of hand luggage, each weighing no more than 7 kg

Checked Baggage

(Checked Baggage

In general, each item of checked luggage has a 32 kg weight limit and 158 cm maximum length, breadth, and height restrictions.

Please be aware that there will be an additional charge for dimensions greater than 158 cm and up to 300 cm.

Finally, if the size of your luggage exceeds 300 cm, we kindly ask that you make previous arrangements to have it transported as cargo. 

Oversized Baggage


If the dimensions don't exceed 300 cm, you can travel luggage with measurements more significant than 158 cm (height + width + length > 158 cm).

If all itineraries meet the requirements below, an excess baggage fee of EUR 325 will be levied if the checked luggage dimension is exceeded.

Travel to/from Oversized Baggage Dimension
South Africa Between 158 cm and 200 cm
Network* Between 158 cm and 300 cm

The length of the Baggage cannot exceed 180 cm on trips flown by ATR aircraft.

Conveyor belts only allow a maximum of 200 cm, except at the Johannesburg Airport.

We kindly ask that you make arrangements for any oversized items to be transported as cargo.

The policies/fees of the operating firm checking the Baggage apply for interline routings to Mauritius while an automated process is being implemented.

The Transatlantic airline baggage fees will be charged to and from transatlantic destinations.

At the airport, there is a cost for oversized luggage. This fee varies depending on your itinerary.

Sports Equipment 

Air Mauritius permits passengers to carry sports equipment as Baggage. Surfing equipment, Kitesurf equipment, Bodysurf equipment, Windsurf equipment, and more are all included under sports equipment. No additional charge is applicable if the equipment stays within the normal baggage allowance. The weight allowance is 23kg for economy class and 32kg for Business class with dimensions of 200cm. Moreover, golf equipment is allowed on board, given that the bag weighs a maximum of 20kg per person. Lastly, excess rates are applicable in case the allowance is exceeded.

Air Mauritius Baggage Policy FAQ's

You can do so by adding up the length, width and height.



The number of bags passengers can check on Air Mauritius flights depends on their ticket type and destination. Generally, economy class passengers can fit one to two bags, while business class passengers can check two to three bags.

Air Mauritius' excess baggage fees vary depending on the passenger's ticket type and destination. Passengers are advised to check their ticket or contact the airline for specific details.


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