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Air France Baggage allowance and fee




Founded : 7 October 1933

Key people : Anne Rigail (CEO)

Country : France

Office Address : 45, rue de Paris / 95747 Roissy CDG Cedex.

City : Paris

State : Tremblay-en-France,

Zip Code : 95747

Phone number : +33 (0)1 41 56 78 00.

Official Website :

Personal Item and  Carry-on Baggage 

The baggage allowance of Air France comes quite handy and easy to understand, they have curated Baggage policy for every class. 

Checked Baggage

For Checked Baggage, Air France has a straight forward policy. The Expensive class you choose the more allowance you will get. 

Excess Baggage 

Fees are applied to additional baggage, the charges depend on the routes and destinations. It may vary from classes or membership programs.

Bag type Allowance Weight Dimension Fare
Hand Baggage One baggage + One Accessory Item (Economy)

Two Baggage + One Accessory Item (Other Class)
12 kg (Economy)

18 kg (Other Class)
55 x 35 x 25 cm (Hand Baggage)

40 x 30 x 15 cm (accessory item)

Checked Baggage Economy – One 

Premier and Business – Two

First Class –  Three
23 kg (Economy)

32 kg
(Business and First Class)
158 cm N/A
Excess Baggage Not Specified  More than 32 kg 158 – 300 cm  calculate on the official site


Air France Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. What are the provisions for sports baggage? +

You can carry your sports baggage, provided that it weighs within 23 to 32 kg when traveling in business class or La Première. If you are traveling in a group of ten or more people, you may have to ask prior permission before 48 hours. 

2. Can I buy additional baggage? +

Yes, you can buy additional baggage online before 24 hours of your departure time. You have an option to either add it online or pay according to the overweight or oversize at the airport. 

3. What do I do if my baggage is missing? +

If you cannot locate your baggage or it’s missing, you have to report it to the airline. You can report it via the official website or mobile app within 48 hours after you’ve arrived or to the baggage services before leaving the airport. 


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