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Air Canada Vacations




Founded : 10 April 1937

Key people : Vagn Sørensen (Chairman) | Calin Rovinescu (President & CEO)

Country : Canada

Address : Air Canada Centre P.O. Box 14000, Station Airport Dorval, Québec H4Y 1H4

City : Québec

State : Québec,

Zip Code : H4Y 1H4

Phone : 1 (888) 247-2262


Air Canada Vacations

Why book with Air Canada Vacations?

Many travel options with all inclusive

Air Canada vacation offers more travel options than any other all inclusive Canadian tour packages . They have destinations across the world. From North to South America, Asia to South Pacific, the choices offered are plenty. Their options are not just limited to flights, they even provide a wide selection of car rentals as well as cruises. In fact they have around 10 industry leading partners of cruise line and have hundreds of travel destinations around the world.

International recognition

Air Canada Vacations is not only appreciated locally, but is also recognized internationally. The service provider is a recipient of quite a few industry awards. The reputation they have not only locally but also internationally speaks for the fabulous service provided by them.

They care for their customers

To make the journey stress-free and relaxing for their customers, Air Canada Vacations have CareFree and CareFlex travel protection plan in place. The plan helps the customer achieve more flexibility in terms of changing bookings and transferring packages. Under this plan cancelling reservations with full refund is also possible 25 days prior to departure. Lastly, they have highly trained representatives for customer care who are available 24/7 before, during and after your trip.

They are inclusive

Dedicated travel experts are at work for groups of more than 10 people, accommodating everyone’s needs. Their resorts and hotels partners are carefully selected so that no matter the lifestyle, everyone feels welcomed. It is also very pleasant that Air Canada Vacations if a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel association.

Air Canada Vacations Customer Service

Number - 1 866 529-2079
Mailing Address -
Quebec office:
1440 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 600
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1R8

Ontario office:
5925 Airport Road, Suite 700
Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1W1

Steps to follow when you are booking from Air Canada Vacations website

  1. On the homepage choose ‘Vacation packages’ or the other option that best suit your needs 
  2.  Select where you will be departing from and where you will be going to, also select the depart and returns dates 
  3. Choose the number of passengers and cabin of your preference 
  4. Click on search and you will be redirected to another page
  5. Now you will get to select hotels as per your requirements and budget. There will be filters like price range of the hotel, star rating of the hotel, etc. on the right side of the page. This is there to refine the search.
  6. If a hotel fits your needs you can click on continue beneath the hotel name and select further details like. Here more hotel information like facilities, view, etc. will also be available.
  7. Once satisfied you can click on continue so that you can move ahead with the booking process.
  8. Next Page will be with Flight itinerary, here you choose your preferred flight. .
  9. On the same page you can select activities and excursions, as well as Travel insurance. Under the travel insurance there are four options, the details of which are provided on the same page.
  10. When you scroll down further you will come across the booking summary, here you can review your trip. Total price will also be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the page.
  11. The final step is the fill our passenger information and payment information.

Popular destinations


This destination is a charming alpine village which attracts you with its stunning backdrop. It is full of lakes, walking trails and spectacular natural scenery. You will find yourself mesmerized by giant snowcapped glaciers, forest-rimmed lakes and rushing waterfalls. You can also keep an eye out for the incredible diversity of animals found in Jasper, amid the wonders hide moose, bears and wolves.


This island formed of limestone rocks is way less known than other destinations in the Caribbean, but it is definitely worth it. From tranquil to rugged and windy, there are plentiful beaches for whatever mood you are in. On a sunny day with bright blue skies you can go enjoy yourself in tropical gardens, check out old colonial houses or even roll sugar cane fields. The


this destination is popular as the heart of British-Columbia’s wine country, it proves itself to be a great break from urban bleak with its banks of beach-ringed lake. Travelers can stop in for thrilling experiences at the waterfront, catch meals at farm-table dining. And ofc one shouldn’t miss the world class orchids and wineries that are among the meadows and mountains.

The Mont-Tremblant

This location is a hot-spot for ski enthusiasts, but that is not the only impressive thing about this destination. In the area you can find a national park, a pedestrian town and a village on a lake. Travelers could simply sit on a sunny terrace, take a snow blanketed slope, go on a hike up a rocky trail or hit a hole-in-one.

Air Canada FAQ's

1. How do I select my flight seat in advance? +

You can call on 1 877 752-8810 after your booking process to select a seat in advance. if your destination is Mexico & the Caribbean, as well as Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Orlando you can book your seat during the booking process.


2. Is it possible to add passengers to my booking after confirmation? +

yes it is possible, contact on 1 866 529-2079 to do so.


3. When and how can I buy travel insurance? +

You can only book travel insurance during or after your booking process. Emergency travel insurance is provided by Air Canada Vacations, for more information visit

4. What is the baggage allowance for flights? +

You can refer to for baggage information


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