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Founded : 1945

Key people : Antonoaldo Neves (CEO), Miguel Frasquilho (Chairman)

Country : Portugal

Office Address : Aeroporto de Lisboa, Edificio 25 8 Andar,

City : Lisbon

Zip Code : 1704-801

Phone number : 011 351 707 205 700

Official Website :

Covid :

TAP Air Portugal Overview 

TAP Air Portugal or also simply called TAP Portugal was founded in 1945, and it is the flag carrier of Portugal. Moreover, this airline started operations as Transportes Aéreos Portugueses. Furthermore, the airline flies around 2500 flights every week. In addition, the airline happens to be a member of the Star Alliance. Therefore, the airline has codeshare agreements with various airlines including Air Canada, Air India, Emirates, EgyptAir, Croatia Airlines, Etihad Airways, United Airlines, Benjean capital Airlines, Alitalia, Air China, JetBlueand many more. In addition, the airline’s fleet consists of 88 aircrafts of mostly Airbus crafts. 

TAP Air Portugal Hub and Destinations 

TAP Air Portugal has its main hub airport as Lisbon Portela Airport, Lisbon. The airline operates flights to 90 destinations across 38 countries. Moreover, the airline operates routes across North America and South America, Europe, Africa, and also domestically. In addition to this, some of the destinations that the airline flies to include Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia, Toronto, Macau, Bogota, Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Munich, 18, Milan, Amsterdam, Panama City, Lisbon, Porto Santo, Moscow, Cape Town, Madrid, London, New York City and many more. 

TAP Air Portugal Travel Class 

This airline offers passengers two travel classes. They are Economy Class and Executive class. 

Executive Class

TAP Air Portugal executive class cabin provides the finest experience on-board. Moreover, the passengers can benefit from priority service at the Airport. In addition to this, they can enjoy a delightful culinary experience on board that is integrated with traditional products and desserts, and will fulfil the expectations of the passengers. TAP Air Portugal also provides a wide selection of movies, TV shows, news etc. on flights for entertainment of the passengers. Furthermore, passengers are given special amenity kits for a comfy journey. Lastly, seats on the craft are designed for utmost comfort. They can recline back fully and are set out in 2 x 2 x 2 or 1 x 2 x 1 formation, depending on the craft. 

Economy Class 

Economy cabin gives passengers amazing affordability on TAP Air Portugal. It also comes with satisfying and comfortable service for the traveler. Moreover, the passengers will be pleased with the friendly crew and their Thai hospitality. Furthermore, passengers can purchase different Economy fares for added benefits like free cancellation, extra baggage allowance, etc. On-board the airline offers passengers hot meat, snacks and even beverages depending on their destinations. Lastly, this cabin class has spacious seats and generous legroom which will contribute to a comfortable journey. The seats are set out in 1 x 3, 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 formation on short-haul flights and 3 x 3 or 2 x 4 x 2 formation on long-haul flights. 


In-Flight Entertainment 

TAP Air Portugal provides passengers with in-flight entertainment as well as wi-if on the airplane. Therefore, passengers can stream a lot of content and stay entertained. There are a wide range of movies and TV shows to choose from. Passengers can also try context to the world as they fly around the coke by using the wi-fi for free text messaging service. 


In-Flight Food 

TAP Air Portugal provides food and beverages to the passengers, depending on the flight and cabin class this might change. Moreover, the food is produced from fresh ingredients. Therefore, it is of the best quality and quite delicious. 

Economy class travellers can enjoy a snack or a hot meal. The menu offering is made up of food that passengers can purchase on board as well as complimentary meals. Moreover there are different menus for medium-haul and long-haul flights. 

Executive class passengers get to experience an extraordinary culinary experience on-board. Different types of meals, snacks and beverages are served according to the destination and duration of the flight. Moreover passengers can customise their meal by ordering the food before the flight. In addition to this the flavours of the food are traditional and gourmet.

Lastly if passengers have any special dietary or religious preferences they can ask for special meals. Moreover this service needs to be ordered in advance (24 hours before the flight) from the contact centre of TAP Air Portugal or online. 


Frequent Flyer Program 

TAP Miles&Go is the frequent flyer programme of TAP Air Portugal, this is to reward loyal customers. Moreover, passengers can earn miles every time they fly with TAP Air Portugal or its partners across the world. Furthermore after earning miles passengers can redeem the miles for the air awards and various other upgrades with TAP Air Portugal and Star alliance partners. Lastly, passengers can reach Gold or Silver status that come with their own extra benefits. 

TAP Air Portugal Popular Flight Routes

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TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal FAQ's

1. Where does TAP Air Portugal fly? +

The airline offers passenger domestic flights as well as international flights. The international flights are across Africa, Europe, North and South America.  


2. Where will TAP Air Portugal be based? +

Lisbon Portela Airport is the main hub airport of TAP Air Portugal.


3. Can I book TAP Air Portugal flights online? +

Yes, you can book TAP Air Portugal tickets online through the official website.


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