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Korean Airlines Check-in information




Founded : 1 March 1969

Key people : Walter Cho (Chairman & CEO)

Country : South Korea

Office Address : Korean Air Operations Center, 1370 Gonghang-Dong, Seoul South Korea 157712

City : 1370 Gonghang-Dong

State : Seoul,

Zip Code : 157712

Phone number : +1 800 438 5000

Official Website :

Online Web Check-in

Online Check-in becomes feasible for the passenger because of its mobile app. You can check-in anywhere anytime. 

Offline Check-in at Airport

Reaching a little early at the airport would give the advantage of priority check-in and would save your extra time at ques. 

Check-in Time Online Check-in Airport Check-in
Start (prior to departure) 48 – 24 hours  Differs from airport to airport 
End (prior to departure) 40 minutes  40 – 60 minutes
Medium (Source for check-in) Official website or mobile app  Airport counter


Korean Air Flight Check-In FAQ's

1. What is the deadline for check-in? +

You need to check-in before the boarding gates are closed. The boarding gates close before 10 mins and 5 mins for international and domestic flights respectively. If you do not reach by then, your check-in will be canceled. 

2. What information is required for online check-in? +

For online check-in, you can either use your ticket number or booking reference number along with your departure date and name. 


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