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Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy and Refund Information




Founded : February 8, 1994; 26 years ago

Key people : Bill Franke (Chairman, CEO) | Barry L. Biffle (President)

Country : United States

Office Address : Frontier Airlines Inc 4545 Airport Way

City : Denver

State : Colorado,

Zip Code : 80239

Phone number : 1 (801) 401-9000

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation policy

If you have purchased a flight ticket within 24 hours of scheduled flight departure, then it will count as refundable. The cancellation fee will be applied on tickets reservation done within one week before the flight.

If a frontier airline flight reservation is done prior to 2 months of your scheduled flight, then there is no cancellation fee on you. so, after submitting the cancellation form, under 90 days you will get the refund payment.

Cancellation fee

A frontier airlines cancellation fee will be imposed on you after 24 hours of your flight departure. and there will be no cancellation fee if you have to cancel the ticket under 90 days before your scheduled flight. If you’re canceling tickets from two weeks to 1 month, then you will charge a fee of 79$.

If you have done frontier airline booking under one week before flight departure, the cancellation fee of 119$ will be charged to you. In order to avoid the charges, one should check the cancellation policy while they buy frontier airlines flight tickets. for instance, the method of checking can be through an official website, mobile app, and inquiring on the customer care service number.

Cancellation policy COVID

From July, you should submit the form of the COVID 19 test before 72 hours of your departure and Puerto Rico Health Department declaration form. There is a one-time flight change policy that is applicable until September 8, 2020. But there are many conditions they mentioned for that as well.

Refund policy

Refund is the prominent thing you should look for especially during coronavirus. If the flight got canceled or significant delay, they will get full refund money as per the frontier airline refund policy. however, many airlines try to convince their passengers to get credit on your next flight as a refund. Due to coronavirus, many huge airlines like swiss and EI have temporarily closed giving refunds.

Refund Request form

One should check out the details regarding refund and cancellation policy while they buy tickets on frontier airlines. further, they can submit the refund request form if their tickets are refundable.


Frontier Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. How long does it take to get a refund from Frontier? +

Frontier airlines will refund the amount within 20 business days on cash purchases. For credit card purchases, it will take 7 business days.

2. How do I cancel my frontier flight? +

Your flight is delayed or scheduled to next day

3. What is the frontier airlines customer service and support number? +

Comparatively, they aim to provide 24/7 service to their customer, you can just call them anytime on 801-401-9000.

4. Can I cancel my flight to get a refund? +

If the Frontier airlines cancel or change your scheduled flight, then you can access the full refund.


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