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ANA (All Nippon Airways) Cancellation Policy and Refund Information




Founded : 27 December 1952

Key people : Shinya Katanozaka (Chairman) | Yuji Hirako (President & CEO)

Country : Japan

Office Address : ANA HOLDINGS INC., Shiodome-City Center, 1-5-2, Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku

City : Tokyo

State : Tokyo,

Zip Code : 105-7140

Phone number : +1 800-235-9262

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellation policy of ANA is very simple to understand. ANA understands that there are some sudden circumstances where you may have to cancel your flight and the airline supports you in the same. 

The ticket cancellation always varies depending on the destination and nature of the flight ticket. On the basis of where you purchase the ticket, you shall contact the respective authority for cancellation. 

Refund Policy 

The refund takes place once you request for the same. If your ticket is refundable and qualifies for the same then the refund will reflect in your account soon. You check if your ticket is refundable or not on the details present on your ticket. 

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. How long does it take for a refund to take place? +

Depending on the payment method during your purchase, the refund takes time according to the respective method.

2. How to cancel a ticket online? +

Visit the website and open the manage booking section, there you will find options to cancel your flight.

3. Can I get a refund even if a ticket is non refundable? +

No, if your ticket is non refundable then you won’t be eligible for a refund.

4. How much time does it take for a refund request to process? +

It takes a couple of weeks for the refund to process. The airline will try its best to process as soon as possible. 

5. What to do if I cancel my ticket and I didn't receive any message? +

In such a situation you shall contact our customer services or send us an email about the same.


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