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Air France Cancellation and Refund information




Founded : 7 October 1933

Key people : Anne Rigail (CEO)

Country : France

Office Address : 45, rue de Paris / 95747 Roissy CDG Cedex.

City : Paris

State : Tremblay-en-France,

Zip Code : 95747

Phone number : +33 (0)1 41 56 78 00.

Airline Official Website :

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of your flight if something comes up and you cannot make it to the flight can be done. The tickets need to be canceled from the medium through which it was booked, the official website, mobile app, or a third-party agency. 

A refund can be requested against your cancellation. The refund amount and the charges of cancellation fees depend on your ticket. Tickets have different natures depending on the destination, the booking medium, and some more factors. 

Refund policy

For the tickets which permit an appropriate refund for the corresponding cancellation, you can claim your refund via the official website, mobile app, or a third-party agency. 

Air France Cancellation and Refund Policy FAQ's

1. Can I get a refund if I’ve not paid via credit card or debit card? +

Yes, you will be entitled to a refund even if you’ve used any other payment method other than credit or debit card, given all terms and conditions are met. You will just have to provide your IBAN number or bank statement details. 

2. Is a voucher refundable if my flight is cancelled? +

If you have booked your flight using a voucher, you can get your voucher refunded as it is if the flight is canceled by the airline. If you cancel the flight, you will get your voucher refunded based on your ticket amount. 

3. I’ve made a refund request but there has been no refund yet, do I need to request again? +

Sometimes the servers run slow and there are some other technical issues. If you have requested a refund, the airline will surely process it and it will be reflected soon. You don’t need to make a request again. 

4. What if my ticket is non-refundable and where to check my fare conditions? +

For a non-refundable ticket, the taxes you paid for will be refunded to you. You can check the fare conditions on your ticket and also on the official website via my bookings section. 

5. Do I have to cancel my online check-in for a refund? +

Yes, before you make a request for a refund, you will have to first cancel your online check-in. Online check-in can be canceled up to 60 minutes before your flight. 


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