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Air China Baggage allowance and fee



CallSign : AIR CHINA

Founded : 1988

Key people : Cai Jianjiang (President and CEO) | Song Zhiyong (Chairman)

Country : United States

Office Address : Xidan Civil Aviation Building, No. 15 Chang'an West Street, Beijing China 100031

City : Beijing

State : Beijing,

Zip Code : 100031

Phone number : +1 (800) 882-8122

Official Website :

Cabin Baggage

For cabin bags, your baggage must be under the given dimension so it can fit properly inside the bins above you. 

Checked baggage

If you have enough baggage according to your ticket but they cross the limit is dimension or size then it will be checked at extra charges. 

Additional or Excess baggage

Chargers will apply on your additional baggage and the bags which are oversized or overweight. 

Bag Type Allowance Weight Dimension Fare
Carry-on baggage 1 bag +1 personal item (Economy)
2 bags + 1 personal item(Business and First Class) 
5 Kg(Economy)
8 Kg(Business and First Class)
55 x 40 x 23 cm Free
Check Baggage 1 piece (Economy)
2 pieces (Business Class)
23 Kg (Economy)
32 Kg (Business and First Class)
158 cm Free
Excess Baggage As per your requirement and baggage policy  More than 32 kg More than 158 to 292 cm -


Air China Baggage Fees & Allowance FAQ's

1. What do I do if my baggage is missing at the destination airport? +

If you don’t find your baggage when you arrive at your destination, you may immediately inform the ground handling agent about the same. Your baggage irregularity report will be filed and you can track your baggage easily. 

2. Where do I report damage to my baggage? +

As soon as you find damage to your baggage, you shall promptly inform the airport authority about the same. If you fail to inform the airport premises then you may make a report within seven days of your arrival. 

3. Does Air China provide compensation for damage to my baggage? +

Yes, Air China does provide compensation if the damage to your baggage is severe. In case the damage is minor the airline is not liable for any compensation. 


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