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Aeroméxico Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy




Founded : 14 September 1934

Key people : Andrés Conesa Labastida (CEO)

Country : United States

Office Address : 3663 N. Sam Houston Parkway E. Ste. #500

City : Houston

State : Taxes,

Zip Code : 77032

Phone number : 1-800-237-6639

Airline Official Website :

With Aeromexico, you can cancel your flight anytime prior to your scheduled departure time. The charges for the cancellation depends on various reasons; they could be applicable or not. 

Cancellation Policy

If you have booked through an agency and cancel your reservation with the agency, it is immediately reflected in the Aeromexico system, and the flight is considered to be canceled. In case the flight segments are not canceled about four hours preceding the flight, the passenger might be regarded as a “No Show” passenger. Talking about refunds and cancellation fees, it’s pretty simple. 

If one cancels their flight within 24 hours of booking, given that the tickets were booked a minimum seven days before the flight, then there are no cancellation charges applied and will get the entire amount refunded. 

On the other hand, if the cancellations are done after 24 hours of booking or anytime within the seven days before the flight, then cancellation fees would be applied, and the refund will be made by deducting the charges. 

Refund Policy

If you book your flight with a non-refundable ticket in that case you will not get any refund money back. In other words, according to the rules of their cancellation policy, the passengers having a basic fair ticketClassic fare ticketComfort fare ticket can get refund money back. However, the passengers having flexible and premiere tickets can get a full refund. Therefore, if you cancel the ticket on the departure date you will not get any refund will stop in that his cover you need to be a cancellation fee.

Smooth processing

The team can help you with further proceedings and you will get your refund money back on time. It is a very easy procedure and it does not require much documentation. If the airline cancels the flight for a technical issue, many corporate factors, climatic disorders then the passenger can get the refund amount back to the original mode of payment. Similarly, if there is a delay in the flight, you can get compensation like a free transport facility with free beverages travel vouchers and other facilities.



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